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Continuous Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers

Continuous Fluid bed Dryers

Continuous fluid bed dryers are used for drying of free flowing wet products which require longer drying time. Continuous fluid bed dryer consists of horizontal chambers partitioned by a custom built perforated sheets. The product to be dried is fed on top of this perforated sheet and the hot air enters from the bottom of the perforated sheet. The hot air causes the fluidisation of the product causing mild agitation. During this time the product gets dried. To assist fluidisation or movement of difficult to handle products the fluid bed chambers are mounted on springs and fitted with vibratory motors and these are called vibratory fluid bed dryers. The ancillaries like air heating system, fans, cyclone separators, bag filters and scrubbers are the same as are used in other type of dryers.

Continuous Fluid Bed Coolers
Continuous fluid bed coolers have the same principle of operation as that of the dryers except that these are used for cooling of products and are mostly used as additions to systems like dryers or any other process where the product comes out hot and needs to be cooled before packing or further processing.