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Falling Film Evaporators

Falling film evaporators are used for concentration of liquids which do not contain too many suspended solids and which do not have scale or crystal forming tendency. In falling film evaporator the feed enters the calandriaat the top and is evenly distributed over the top tubesheet with the help of distributor plate. The feed then flows down the tube adhering to the surface forming a thin film. As this film flows it boils and gives out vapours due to being in contact with hot tube surface which is being heated by steam from outside. The concentrated liquid along with the vapours then pass through vapour liquid separator which work on cyclonic principle. The liquid flows to the transfer cum circulation pump and the vapours either pass on to the next calandrias or to the condenser. The system is operated under vacuum with the help of vacuum pump. We supply evaporator system which is fully automated and easy to operate and maintain.