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Agitated / Cage Mill Flash Dryers

Agitated Flash Dryers
Agitated flash dryers are used for drying of wet powders, cakes or even pastes and convert into fine powder. The difference between flash dryer and agitated flash dryer is that in an agitated flash dryer there is a pulverising effect that gives the final dried product as fine powder having particle size smaller than the feed. Agitated flash dryer consists of specially designed pin type horizontal agitator at the bottom of the drying duct which also houses the hot air distributor. Wet feed, with the help of screw conveyor is fed to the drying chamber in which it is agitated and pulverised by the special agitator. While it is being agitated, the product comes in contact with hot air entering the dryer through the tangential air distributor, and gets dried. The fine dried particles are carried by the air and separated either in cyclone separator or bag filter. The air can be directly or indirectly heated using steam, thermic fluid, oil, gas or solid fuel and is handled by centrifugal fans.

Cage Mill Flash Dryers
Cage mill flash dryers operate on the same basis as that of the agitated flash dryers. The difference is that the cage mill flash dryers consist of vertical pin mill type agitators in which the wet product is fed.